Who’s With Me?

Last Orders on the Underground

The Final Circle Line Party. The booze-on-the-tube ban goes into effect on June 1st. Say it’s a protest or hedonist last harrah, but you really can’t have an opinion unless you show up. 9pm. Liverpool St. Station, Circle Line Clockwise Platform, rear of train.

8 Responses

  1. I’m going to an alternative party on the back of the number 11.

  2. Surely the most enjoyable way to mock Boris Johnson’s transport proposals would be to do this on one of the last surviving Routemasters – a type of bus he promised to bring back into general circulation but clearly won’t.

  3. Hi Boak, I have only heard of this party, though I am looking forward to hearing your report back. If I had my way I would do it on the District Line train…

  4. Hi Stonch, I miss the Routemasters. When they were taken out of service it was like a little piece of London died. We need to kidnap one…

    To really mock Boris we all should be doing this on the Sunday, when it’s actually illegal!

  5. One of my pals reckons her mate started this whole thing off.

  6. […] you may have picked up from other blogs (including Impy Malting and Knut Albert), there was a party last night to mark the drinking ban on London […]

  7. So how was the ride?

  8. Hi Virgil– by the time Friday rolled around it was on the cover of the evening papers and promised to be a mod scene which wasn’t really what I had in minds. I wrote about my ambivlance here: http://feralstrumpet.wordpress.com/2008/06/01/a-piss-up-for-boris/

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