Other Beer Blogs

  • Aran Brew, Bionic Laura, fellow knitter and beer blogger from Dublin, Ireland
  • The Beer Babe— this beery sister is tackling issues of gender and marketing while writing some compelling reviews.
  • Beer Blog Search Engine— from the guys at Hop Talk.
  • The Beer Nut — Dublin-based, an entertianing read.
  • Beer, Walks and History–David Bell has a love of the land and a flair for storytelling. His blog reminds again why this country, my adopted home, is so fascinating and beautiful.
  • Boak and Bailey’s UK Beer Blog— perceptive and fascinating London drinkers.
  • BrewDog Blog— these inventive, iconoclastic brewers are always up to something– fending off the nanny state while brewing fascinating beer.
  • Hair of the Dog Dave — drinking and blogging in my old stomping grounds, Los Angeles.
  • Hip Hops— the culinary renegades, Hot Knives, blog about beer.
  • Knut Albert’s Beer Blog— Oslo-based traveler and drinker.
  • Lagerheads— This is one completely OTT gentleman from Detroit.  My favourite blog of the moment.
  • A Lifelong Pub Run— with Sheymouse from Buckinghamshire.
  • MikeLovesBeer— he does indeed.  Nicely formatted tasting notes as well as beery interest from Florida, USA
  • The Moore Group-– the people behind the Great Beer Experiment– explorations in Bronze Age brewing practices.
  • Pencil and Spoon,  Mark in Kent writes a sublime beer & food blog that’s elegantly simple and full of life.
  • Peter Brown’s Blog— some delish beer writing
  • Pfiff!— A West Coast take
  • A Pint for Dionysus— Friend and brewer Dan May makes his way around PDX and environs one pint at a time.
  • Relentless Thirst— E.S. Delia blogs from Richmond, Virginia with breadth, curiosity and wit.
  • Shut up about Barclay Perkins— Ron Pattinson, based in Amsterdam, is knowledgeable and entertaining and has beered all over the world.
  • Stonch’s Beer Blog— a vicarious London pub crawl with Stonch.
  • Thirsty Hopster— Beer Sister!
  • Vbg-log— beer in the midwest, USA (where I was born!): one man proves it’s not just Shotz, Shlitz or Old Milwakee

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