Paradox Grain

Who knew my perfectly dashing imperial stout would show up in a whisky-soaked kilt.

I’m not complaining, mind you. I once dated a guy who played bagpipes at funerals. He had a rather morbid print of Vlad the Impaler on his bedroom wall. I’d like to think this is the kind dark-as-night beer that would have made sense to us, but that was a long time ago.

I’ve been wanting to try a Brew Dog beer for some time– the brewers are young and bold, and the ransom-note style branding appealed to me as well. Maybe I’m cruising for an ASBO, at least if the Portman Group has anything to say about it.

This was a whisky cask aged imperial stout. This particular bottle was the 007 batch, aged in Carsebridge 1963 barrels. Upcoming Paradox stouts will be aged in other barrels. Despite Virgil’s warnings, I would like to try batch 9, aged in Ardbeg barrels. Ardbeg…like drinking the smoke of your vanquished enemy’s pyre. I wonder if I can find it, especially considering the ridiculous Portman group action against the Brew Dog labeling. (Read BrewDog’s fightin’ words here.)

I love whisky. I love imperial stout. So I had high hopes for this beer when I spotted it at Utobeer in Borough Market, even before finding it in Stonch’s archives.

There’s a full-on whisky nose with a bit of coffee. As it warms in my hand a buttery-toffee comfort surfaces. A bit savory, with the whisky/coffee continuing to the middle. Very warming, with a creamy mouthfeel, just a bit tickly with effervescence, gorgeous vanilla finish.

The Islay ’68 Paradox, brewed for the brewery’s one year anniversary, will cost £40 a bottle, of which only 200 will be made. It’s a testament to this beer that I’m actually considering advanced ordering one of these.

Eats: I’d like to be alone with the stout, please.

While listening to: Rose McDowall singing Devil’s Plaything.

13 Responses

  1. “I’d like to be alone with the stout, please.”


  2. Also, I now very much want to go to the Brew Dog Brewery.

  3. There’s something just… um… wrong with your picture.

    You talk about vanquishing a foe; you want to be alone with the beer; ransom note branding; whiskey soaked kilt…

    and on the back left of the photo is the book “Practical Knitting Illustrated”

    I guess even superman had an alter ego.

    Glad you liked the beer, I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for the rest of the line. I’ve got/had 5/8/9 so you got me on 7.

  4. Virgil, just be happy you will never feel the sharp end of my needles.

    Which batch was your favourite?

  5. Brew Dog Paradox Islay Batch 009 Ardberg was my favorite. That one was like drinking pureed smoked bacon. I may have liked it more because I had it all to myself.

    At the beer club people said the 8 tasted like the barrel that held the Islay – Bowmore had been ground up and used to flavor the beer. They weren’t complaining, they were surprised at how much flavor Brew Dog was able to get out of barrels.

    Some barrel aged beers just give off a hint of the flavor, not 8 and 9. I’m surprised at how smooth the drink was.Goose Island Bourbon County Stout, when the 2007 came out, had a potent bourbon/whiskey kick to it, that was hard for me to drink. The more that beer ages, the better it becomes. I couldn’t believe how strong the whiskey flavor was in the Brew Dogs and yet still how drinkable it was.

    Great, now i want to have the 005 soon.

    Hmmm, I’ve also got

    harviestoun ola dubh 12
    harviestoun ola dubh 16
    Harviestoun ola dubh 30

    waiting for me at home too… sometime. now do i want to share those?

  6. Hey Virgil– yeah, I’m not a big bacon fan, but I LOVE Ardbeg. Sometimes in the winter that’s the only thing that can get me warm! I don’t know if I can find a bottle of that batch, but I’ll have to try.

    I’m also amazed at how much flavour transferred to the beer. Where are you finding these in Chicago? I have to trek all the way across London to find it.

    Of course you want to share those! Now I just have to find my transporter device…

  7. you knit as well? We’ll have to have a beer-fuelled stitch and bitch.

  8. Hey Boak! What a happy coincidence. I knit best after a pint or two! We should meet up at a pub soon, needles in hand.

    I have a dream that this years knitters will take over a table or two at the Great British Beer Festival.

  9. I drop stitches after a half though. Perhaps crochet would be better.

  10. Do all female beer bloggers knit? Is there a Session theme in this?

  11. Hi Beer Nut– thanks for turning me ont to Aran Brew!

    Knitting and beer…that would be an interesting session theme– though somewhat exclusive!

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