Hop Pop

Japanese "Good Kids Beer"

Japanese "Good Kids Beer"

I’m giving up beer for Lent.*  The irony of posting this on my beer blog isn’t lost on me.

My health has been poorly for weeks– I haven’t been able to drink much beer lately at all.  It’s strange to have a hobby that is, at least for me, really dependent on my body participating happily.  With that said, I have been drinking with relish the new Brew Dog Nanny State which is kind of like a hop soda pop.  At .5% it’s technically “alcohol free”.  Far superior to the unfermented hop tea that was the first Nanny State, this version is packed with Amarillo hops, which are my favourite. But Brewdog Nanny State has me thinking about Near Beers– particularly these Japanese kid’s beers which I’m dying to try.  Call it  a temporary regression!

Yesterday was Fat Tuesday. I went to see Wolf People at the Lexington and did a nice job of exceeding my daily units by having three pints of Sierra Nevada (much better on keg here than in bottles in the US– less sweet and the hops really zing).  It’s good to note that this pub has an excellent selection of bottled American beers and the staff are friendly, efficient and knowledgeable.

I will most likely continue to drink Nanny State during my Lenten privation.  Will it feel like cheating?  I’ll let you know in a few weeks.

*I’m not Catholic, but seeing as Catholics have borrowed so much from the Pagans, I feel it only right to steal a few things in kind. The cyclical poetry of Ash Wednesday has always felt significant, coming as it does at the last pale of winter. It’s a good time for meditating on an habitual pleasure.  Imagine how good that first springtime beer will be.  I have weeks to think on which one it will be.

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  1. Rather you than me! 😛

    I’m really interested in trying the new Nanny State. The last one was terrible, but it seems like this one sets out to achieve something different. If I see it on the shelf, I think Ill pick some up, the £7 online postage is a bit pricey for me though.


    • Hi Chuck! I have to agree the first Nanny State was undrinkable. It was like unfermented, over-hopped wort, kind of a practical joke of a beer. I was pleasantly surprised by this one. It’s not balanced by any means but it’s quite refreshing and easy to drink– that is if you like sunny hops like Amarillo.

  2. I guess it’s no coincidence that, for years, the biggest event on Ireland’s beer calendar was the Franciscan Well Easter Beer Festival. If you feel like breaking your fast there, I highly recommend it.

    And good luck!

    • That sounds like a pretty awesome way to break a fast. I wonder if I can get my passport situation sorted in time! Will you be going?

      • Not actually booked yet, but yes: there’s the annual Irish Beer Awards to hand out, and this year there’ll be the launch of White Gypsy Vintage Imperial stout — Ireland’s first barrel-aged beer in decades.

        Oh, and I should have said, it’s in Cork — Easter Saturday and Sunday.

        Saturday’s still Lent, I guess, but I’ll leave that with your conscience. Gotta have a bit of Catholic guilt or you’re not doing it right.

        • The White Gypsy Imperial Stout is something to get excited about! If the Border Agency smiles on me and I have the cash… I have a storehouse of non-denominational guilt which I can readily dip into at any moment!

  3. I gave up abstention for Lent many years ago, and my iron will has never wavered since.

    • I can only hope to work up to this level of resolve, Neville!

  4. Those Japanese beers look amazing, in a ‘probably not very nice’ kind of way.

  5. I’ve got some new Nanny State (ordered alongside Sink! – so 0.5% and 41%) on the way so this is reassuring. The last one was awful in the bottle and on cask but I really want to find a great sub-2% beer – the hop list on this is irresistable! Good luck with the whole giving up beer thing. I think Nanny State is a fair compromise, so long as you don’t drink 20 a day.

    (Do you think it’d be frowned upon if I opened and drank a Nanny State at my desk at work? My boss drinks ginger beer occassionally…)

    • Nanny State seems like the perfect workstation beer, and on a bad day it could even be improved with a shot of something…

  6. Are you still off the beer Ally?

    • Hi Mark, yes, I’m still off the beer! I’m hoping to have something to celebrate on the 10th– I guess I will have to do it with cider! I’ve been busy with another course I’m taking so I haven’t been able to stay on top of my blog reading. I hope you are well!

      • I’m well thanks, busy on a course too. My final assignment is due in tomorrow (I’ll be up late tonight putting the finishing touches on it!) and then an exam in May. The blog will unfortunately suffer in the meantime!

        • Hope the course went well and you have something to celebrate now! I won’t be done until mid April. Am already thinking about the first beer I’ll have. Haha.

  7. These days I find myself drinking quite a bit less than I used to. To supliment that, I have been trying out the no/low alcohol beers. I have to say, I have been quietly impressed.
    Although only lager-style beers, they are still good enough to have in a social situation without anyone raising an eyebrow.
    I don’t know if you have tried any of the ones out there, but I recommend Bitburger Drive – which I have only seen in pubs. Becks blue is ok. There are also another couple I am going to try soon which are no/low versions of premium lager such as Erdinger and Cobra.
    Not tried Nanny State yet, but will have to give that a go.

    • Hi SheyMouse– thanks for reading. I am curious about these beers you mention. It seems they would work to satisfy a certain craving!

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