My Stout Valentine
January 11, 2012

The Hymn to Ninkasi necklace is featured in this beery Etsy treasury!

The beer goddess necklace has been featured in this stout-themed treasury on Etsy, full of valentine gift ideas for your beer lovin’ love.



The Lovibond Hop Flower Necklace
June 4, 2011

The Lovibond Hop Flower Necklace, by Feral Strumpet on Etsy

So, I haven’t been blogging about beer lately as I have been busy trying to make some actual money using my skills.  Imagine! I have been making jewelry and selling on Etsy, which is a wonderful platform promoting handmades.  It’s a whole booming micro-economy, I tell you.  My shop there is called Feral Strumpet

In my pieces I like to work with pewter from Green Girl Studios.  When I saw this hop flower pendant I knew what had to happen.  I busied myself collecting a range of semi-precious stone beads to represent the Lovibond or SRM scale– the rainbow of beers.  And here it is in all its glory– The Lovibond Hop Flower Necklace–the convergence of my beer geekery and jewelry design!

Gifts for the Beery People in Your Life
May 8, 2011

I’m sure you have coworkers, friends and relatives who share your love of beer.  What do you buy them for their birthday or as a thank you or just a dude-you’re-awesome present, besides more beer?  I’ve carefully combed the hand-made Emporium of Etsy to find the best beer-related gifts from small makers.   Here is a hand selected array for yourself or your beer peeps.  May you never be without a beer related gift idea again.