Gifts for the Beery People in Your Life

I’m sure you have coworkers, friends and relatives who share your love of beer.  What do you buy them for their birthday or as a thank you or just a dude-you’re-awesome present, besides more beer?  I’ve carefully combed the hand-made Emporium of Etsy to find the best beer-related gifts from small makers.   Here is a hand selected array for yourself or your beer peeps.  May you never be without a beer related gift idea again.

3 Responses

  1. ha! soap that smells like pubs!! stale smoke and sour beer, tee hee! Nice idea for gifts although I think the phrase black and tan has fallen out of favour these days for various reasons.

    • Don’t forget the urinal cake note for the eau d’ pub. Still, I thought it was a nice idea– an amarillo soap would be amazing!

  2. Very good ideas of gifts !

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