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Briar’s on Fire
October 26, 2010

Smoked rose petals.

Berliner Weiss mit blut: the only drink they serve in the asylum.

a hint of ozone.

I’m drinking BrewDog’s Prototype 27.  Mr. Malting and I took a first sip, immediately looked at each other and said, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab— a Los Angeles perfumer/magician, who makes a scents based on circus side show characters and famous deviants. If only there were a perfume that smelled like this beer!

It’s a puzzle to the senses– the closest I’ve come to synesthesia in a beer, and no less refreshing for its complexity.

James from BrewDog, in his generosity and wisdom, sent me a bottle of this stuff months ago and I finally opened it tonight.  I tasted it without reading what it was (for the record, I just looked it up and it’s one of 150 bottles made,  Hardcore IPA with raspberries aged in a whiskey cask.)  It came to me with the white, hand-written label.   I had no idea what was in it or how it was made, and there’s a certain delight in going in blind– the shock of the red  in the glass– surely berries are involved– and then the intense rose esther and smoke hit you like some sinister fairy-tale conflagration.  When the story is over, the glass empty, you feel like a child asking, again!  again!