The Pub Post I Don’t Want You to Read

Fornasetti Wallpaper in the Jolly Butchers in Stoke Newington

l shouldn’t write this.  The devil on my shoulder is insisting I not to tell you.  I should keep it to myself, and let it be my little secret.  But the rational angel wins out, reminding me that the Jolly Butchers in Stoke Newington is already news and I’m late to the game  singing its praises. Pete Brown has already expressed delight, as have Boak and Bailey.

I’m just going to assume you don’t read those blogs, and you haven’t seen the new red facade, the light open space of the place filled with old wooden church furniture and decorated with the mesmerizing Fornasetti print wallpaper.

You’ve never met the friendly, knowledgeable staff who are content to offer tastings of the beer and are enthusiastic about the whole endeavor– a clear sign of good management.

You won’t be impressed by the myriad cask ale taps.  Take to heart the reviews that have said the beer wasn’t in top notch condition. When I say the Thornbridge Jaipur and Brodies Amarilla I’ve had on my two visits were  well-kept and exactly the right temperature,  you know I’m just not credible. Who’d want the many Belgians and Meantime keg beers on offer– all served in the right glass to a vibrant, fun, down-to-earth crowd?  And it is crowded.

So crowded you wouldn’t want to go.  No really.  I’ll go there for you and eat their gorgeously hearty grilled asparagus with weissbeer hollandaise and balsamic reduction sprinkled with fey, earthy beet sprouts. You’d think it’s too gastro pub, trying too hard to be perfect and maybe even coming close.

6 Responses

  1. Glad to hear you had a good time. It’s amazing how quickly after they open that decent pubs like this and Cask do get busy: it almost suggests Londoners are starved of genuinely decent pubs and that there is room in the market for more.

    • Hi Bailey– yes, what struck me is that everyone was drinking beer of some kind and there wasn’t a glass of wine or sad little mixer-with-shot on any table at all, and the crowd was completely mixed. The number of taps is ambitious, but they are actually pulling it off. You’re correct– Londoners are starved for pubs that offer variety and quality with a welcoming spirit.

  2. Holy crap! I’ll be right over.

    • I’ll grab us a table!

  3. In accordance with your wishes, I didn’t read a word.

    The 7th on the 12th line, to be precise.

    • Admirable Restraint as always, Neville!

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