Year of the Dog

James and Martin of BrewDog, Photo from The Independent

James and Martin of BrewDog, Photo from The Independent

2010 is off to a great start, at least where beer is concerned.  Today I woke up to an email from Martin with good news:  BrewDog have hit their target for investors for Equity for Punks, which means all their exciting projects, like the eco-friendly brewery and brewpub are going ahead.

What I love about BrewDog is not just their beers, but how ambitious they are, and how they seem to carry off anything they set their mind to.  It’s inspiring and I’m proud to be one of the  investors.  But if you missed your chance to invest– you still can as the deadline has been extended to Feb 19th.  Just think of the fab AGMs…that 20% life long discount…and being part of an exciting beer journey with one of the bravest and most talented breweries in the UK.

Today is a happy day, indeed.

4 Responses

  1. I think I prefer Year Of The Cat:

    • Haha– I used to listen to this song constantly when I was a kid. Did it make me a cat person or was I born that way…

  2. Nurture maketh not the cat, so it must be nature. You were born that way, feline beervangelist.

  3. hi allyson–can you email a copy of the prospectus? i’d love to take a look and learn more about what they are all about. cheers!

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