And now for something completely different

My novel, The Desperate Ones, is now available from in paperback and as a free download.  So, this book has very little to do with beer.  In fact, in the book’s universe there is no such thing as beer anymore.

But if you are curious what has driven me to drink over the last six years I was writing this, or if you are keen on speculative apocalyptic fiction set in a meta-London, you just might like this thing.

The book’s website can be found here:

The cover was designed and illustrated by the illustrious Patrick Farley.

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  1. Congrats on an impressive achievement! So is the beer gone worldwide or is it just UK? I guess I’ll have to check it out to find out for myself!

  2. HI Scott– thanks! Actually the book (if it only WAS beer) is available online in the US as well, and will be available on in a month or so. You can go here to see the details:

  3. That’s really cool. Good work! I always thought publishing a real book was a milestone. I’ve never done it, but it makes me really happy when other people are able to. Its quite an achievement!

    • Thanks, Scott. I’m relieved it’s now out in the world.

  4. Awesome! You must be very proud 🙂

    I look forward to reading it!

    • I am relieved! If you do read it let me know what you think.

  5. It’s all pictures, right?

    • Wortwurst!!!! If you hold it upside down and squint, yeah.

  6. I see from my son’s blog that you are interested in London’s Fleet river. Some info about it is on my blog Papastonch 7th May 2009. Have a look. The article is called “The Fleet at the Gunmakers”

    • Thank you Papastonch! I will have a look.

  7. Congratulations! Six years sounds like a labour of love 🙂 I too look forward to reading it!

    • Love or stubborn obsession…hard to say which! But thanks Barry!

  8. Off topic (apologies), but have you ever considered becoming a beer inspector?

    • Hi Chap–thanks for the link–interesting article! That does sound like a wonderful job. I appreciated her beer suggestions also–they are some of my favourites.

  9. Well done, that’s an achievement. I’m off to download it and stick on the ebook reader. Looking forward to it. As it happens post apocalyptic fiction set in places that are like but not quite like this reality are one of my favourite types of books 🙂

    • Excellent! Let me know how the download looks/works on the ebook reader– I have been eying these contraptions. What kind do you have?

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