Black lipstick on a pint glass

Halloween decorations in the Elsinore, Whitby

Halloween decorations in the Elsinore, Whitby

If you’ve never had cider and black, can you claim to be a goth?  Though the opportunity presented itself this weekend at while drinking at the Elsinore in Whitby, I stuck to Cameron’s Strongarm, which was a very drinkable red ale, though nothing spectacular.  It was the Gothic festival and while most everyone I knew was carrying around their pink pints, I decided I would stick to ale as best I could.  I failed miserably at this on Sunday at the 80’s night in Laughtons where I devolved and drank blue WKD.  It seemed like the right thing at the time.  (I blame the corrupting influence of Mister Jack.)

The Shambles, another pub in Whitby, seems to serve the Goths begrudgingly, though the beer selection is better there. I often have had trouble getting served at the bar but I thought I’d give it a go.  I tried all of Theakston’s range they had on at the moment, the Black Bull Bitter being the most forgettable of them all and Old Peculiar remaining the favorite.  They had a Theakston’s beer on keg there, served “super chilled”:  The Smooth Dark.  Mr. Malting is a huge fan of the mild and we wondering if, at 3%,  this were some kind of re-packaging of the mild as a guinness style keg beer.  I am a bit embarrassed to admit that once I had a glass of this I stuck to pints of it for the rest of the evening.  It was good.

I now regret passing up the Cooper Dragon IPA, as Rednev has said it’s amazing.  Something to look forward to next time– that is, if I can get served.

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  1. I’ve had cider & black in the past ~ can’t I claim NOT to be a Goth?

  2. Glad to see you trying the Strongarm, I was weened on it in my hometown Hartlepool where it is brewed by Camerons. I must agree it is nothing spectacular but it was not always so. It was a fantastic pint with a two stage pour (like guinness) that would achieve a head that rose about 3 inches above the top of the glass. I did a home brew version last year turned out quite well. You could have continued up the coast a bit and went on there brewery tour, it is quite good. Then you could have popped over the sheds in darlington, no blue drinks allowed.

    • Hi Bigun– that’s interesting to note about the change in Strongarm–it was quite tasty but now I wish I could have tried the older version. Next time we’ll have to plan a brewery tour!

  3. Sounds like a great time mostly. Just curious why you have a hard time getting served?

    • It’s a mystery! I’ve found if a bloke I’m with goes up, he gets served much faster so maybe it’s not an anti-goth thing so much as a women-are-invisible thing? I’ve made eye contact and even resorted to putting my hand out to them, which just feels desperate! I’m not willing to do that for more than 10 minutes really before my dignity kicks in.

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