2433560912_60e29d1dd0_oA year ago I started this blog after the prompting of my friend Milla.  At the time I thought I would only be documenting my beery adventures in Europe and the UK for a few friends back in the US.  I hadn’t yet considered brewing my own beer.  I wouldn’t have forseen the possibility that a year in, an international group of beer hounds might be reading.

Daily I’m amazed at the traffic this blog receives, and the wonderful people I’ve met through it.  Though it was a rocky start with some surprising hostilities, I’m grateful to the beer blogging community, most notably Jeff/Stonch and Pete Brown who originally pointed readers my way.  Beer lovers remain in my mind a group of eccentric sensualists who pursue their strange love in fascinating ways.  Just when I think I’ve run out of things to say about beer, I’ll read Boak and Bailey, Mark at Pencil and Spoon, Ron at S.U.A.B.P. (He might hate this acronym) or Wortwurst and they will renew my wonder at the ways we can talk about this simple drink.

I never wanted this blog to be a list of tasting notes, or some kind of culinary meditation on the good life.  Other people do that much better than I. Beer is a forbidden fruit, something some would say that as a woman I’m not supposed to like or be seen drinking.  It’s the contrarian in me that has continued this blog even when it was unpleasant to do so.   In searching for the infinite variety of this ancient brew I’ve ventured to places I never would have found otherwise: pagan pub crawls, dodgy taverns, village fetes and even the desolate cliffs of the Outer Hebrides.  Along the way I’ve met many kindred souls who’ve made a life drinking, making, and chasing the stuff. I’m glad to know you.


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  1. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary 🙂

    • Thanks, Adeptus!

  2. Congrats, my friend.

  3. Nice one, congrats and cheers! I love your ‘Beer lovers remain in my mind a group of eccentric sensualists who pursue their strange love in fascinating ways’ 😀

  4. Happy Birthday! I can’t believe it’s been a year already.

  5. Congratulations Impy! I’ve loved reading your blog over the past year. Keep up the good work.

    • Hey Laura, Thanks! It’s been great reading yours as well. Now when I’m knitting as the wort cools I think of you!

  6. Cheers! And happy anniversary!

    • Thanks Kake! I hope we can have a pint or two at the GBBF!

  7. Happy (belated) blogday, Impatha. Here’s to many more.

    • Thank you Beer Nut. I hope I live up to the Impatha name!

  8. Happy Beerversary! I enjoy reading your blog.


    • Thanks for reading, Mark!

  9. Well done on sticking with it. Yes, the hostility is annoying, but hey – this is the internet, and the internet has dark corners that contain very sad people.

    • Hi Jeff– Thanks. You are right, the internet can be an ugly place. In sticking with it I realized the lovely folk clearly outnumber the more unpleasant elements. I do respect you for often fielding more contentious topics with humor and a light touch– it’s an admirable talent!

  10. Happy 1st! Fun isn’t it? We’re coming up on our first year as well – next week sometime! Cheers!

    • Happy Blogday, Scott. I am looking forward to spending time with your blog.

  11. This is a wonderful beer blog, and a quintessential example of a great blog. I have not read all your past posts for the naysayer comments, but I am glad you persevered. (Who could not like your blog?) I look forward to reading about more “beery adventures” in you elegant writing style.

    • Thanks for reading Nat, and for the kind words. Soon I hope to report back from Whitby! I look forward to checking out your beer blog as well.

  12. Congratulations!! And you’re welcome to visit my blog too (only 9 weeks old at present).

    • Thank you, Rednev! I’m looking forward to reading your new blog!

  13. Huzzah and kudos!

  14. Did I read Whitby? I love the place & go every year. Budget tip: Sam Smith’s Old Brewery Bitter was £1.41 a pint last August, while Copper Dragon was £2.80 in the Shambles. But Copper Dragon is a lovely pint.

    • Hi Rednev- I love Whitby too! I try to get to the Gothic Weekend at least once a year. Do you go for WGW or just in general? The beer is cheap and good. I was mostly drinking Strongarm in the Elsinore, but at the Shambles I stuck to Theakston’s– I saw the Copper Dragon. Now I’m sad I passed it up! Next time!

      • I go every August for Whitby Folk Week and I too drink the Strongarm in the Elsinore, where on the Wednesday of Folk Week my band, the Lunchtime Legends, does a set of rock & roll standards – got to keep the folkies on their toes! I’ve never been to a Goth weekend, but hope to one day.

        Theakston’s really is no match for Copper Dragon.

        • I will have to check out the Folk Week someday– it sounds like a great time. I’m sorry I missed the Copper Dragon now. Darn! Something to look forward to– hopefully they will have it in October.

  15. We always enjoy reading what you write. Hope the next year is as entertaining as this one.

    • Thanks for being a constant source of inspiration, you guys– and for being such awesome neighbors in the Blogoshire.

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