Another way to get your five a day

Crap beer: it’s a blank canvas!  Here is a terribly blurry picture of me drinking “Garlic Beer”–one of my guilty pleasures at Garlic and Shots.  It’s basically generic lager with crushed garlic floating in the head.  I consider it a health drink.

Lime in a Corona.  A wedge of lemon in a hefeweizen. If you’re a girl, these are probably the first beers someone sets in front of you.  Maybe a shandy, if you started early.  And this is one of the benefits of being a lady— you can put stuff in your beer and no one will look down on you for it.  I mean, any more than they already are.

When I used to teach on a Marine base sometimes we’d celebrate after finals with boilermakers at the local watering hole (off the base– for some reason the Marines insisted I never set foot in the bar on the base.  To this day I regret not checking it out.)

I would consider plopping a shot of soju into a glass of Hite–a Korean “beer bomb”.  I could also see myself adding some Jagermeister to a pint of Guinness.  I might add some whisky to my Sassquash mild to give it some lifeblood.  Do you ever put anything in beer either to get you happy faster, or to improve a mediocre pint?  Do tell.

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  1. I discovered this stuff on Saturday night:

    Brightened up my Bavaria no end.

    • Hey Beer Nut– that does sound really tasty! Anything that improves Hoegaarden is something I’m interested in.

  2. I’m putting my no-no in a cold Yuengling Black & Tan right now.

  3. TBN, so that’s what all the Picon references were about? Although surely it wouldn’t take too much to improve Bavaria.

    I have to say, I’m pretty conservative when it comes to adding stuff to my beer. I’m not sure I even like the idea of adding a shot of woodruff to my Berliner Weisse. But the Germans do seem to like adding coke and stuff to perfectly good altbier. Oh hold on, I did have banana syrup in a weissbier once, made by my sister in law. I liked it actually. And I used to proclaim that a shandy was an underrated drink (probably before I discovered pre-made Radler here). Oh my, my dirty secrets are coming out now… I’m kinda intrigued by that Picon now… Best go to bed.

    • Hi Adeptus– Coke in altbier–madness! Late night shandy secrets, It’s what beer blogging is all about. Haha.

  4. Been past that place loads of times, but never been in.

    We sometimes mix uninspiring pints together, but whole rarely exceeds the sum of its parts.

    • Hi Boak– Garlic and Shots is horrible for beer, so I can see how you would pass it up. The food can be either amazing or mediocre and mean– it’s not very consistent. I do like the goofy-dark atmosphere (a gigantic plastic tarantula at the bar, etc.) and the people who work there are nice.

      Last night I put some whisky in my mild and it was A-OK! I don’t know why I feel more comfortable doing that with a beer I brewed rather than a limp beer from a brewery.

  5. Whistling Ken, a groundsman at a university I briefly attended, used to swear by cointreau in guinness. I never tried it and I don’t regret that fact.

    • Hey John– uh, that sounds awful but then, I wouldn’t want to ignore the advice of someone named Whistling Ken. Sinister!

      • He had perfect pitch too

        • The mark of a perfect villain!

  6. “Late night shandy secrets” sounds like the name of a very disreputable website, with lots of comments and stories posted anonymously.

    Adeptus, having had a good laugh at the Picon thing, I was surprised to find out yesterday that it is actually intended as a beer additive.

    I’m definitely trying lager with crushed garlic, though.

    • I heartily recommend lager & garlic to keep away creatures of the night as well as everyone else in shouting distance.

      Now I totally want to make a Late Night Shandy Secrets blog of annoymous, sexually repressed posts full of euphemism and elaborate metaphor. It would beat the lol out of I Can Has Cheeseburger.

  7. Some of my friends swear by cask Golden Pride with a double port in it.

  8. I’m regretting mentioning my shandy secrets already! 😀 I should stress I have been shandiless for a number of years now!

    Picon sounds more like something out of Battlestar Galactica. I think I’d like to try it though. I see it was sold out on that site. I expect TBN has bought it all up…

    • I would be the last to hold any shady-shandiness against you, Adeptus!

      TBN is hoarding Picon which he will use to reenact the Star Wars “Cantina Scene.” In secret.

      • He’s been doing that for years!

        • Hahahaha! That’s just too good.

        • “Hi, is that Adeptus’s boss? Yeah, I think you need to give him more work to do.”

          • I admit, it was a bit of a slow day in the office today 😀

  9. Now I see where your affinity for Hite comes from!

    Oddly enough, the other night I opted for a couple cans of Old Milwaukee while out and about, just because I could. Luckily there were no cameras around. My street cred would be ruined.

    • What is Old Milwaukee like? All I remember is the smell coming from the brewery as we drove by it when I was a child.

  10. In rural Shropshire in the early 1970s, the village lads used to drink Vimto & Guinness. It had the same reputation as a snakebite, even though the Vimto was non-alcoholic and gave the head a pink tinge! But it was for men only!

    Back then a lot of real ale was truly mediocre – badly kept and unloved by the big brewers – and drinkers used to add a bottled beer to make it palatable. Light [ale] & bitter and brown [ale] & mild were the usual blends, but we drank light & mild and brown & bitter as well.

    Whisky in your mild? Sounds like John Lee Hooker: “One bourbon, one scotch, one beer.”

    • Hello Chap! I love the idea of a guinness-y pink-tinged foam on many a manly man’s mustache!

      I confess the shot of whisky really improved the mild! I could name the cocktail after John Lee Hooker.

  11. […] who’ve asked us to wax lyrical about beer cocktails.  I blogged about stuff in beer quite recently.  It’s a delightful topic which undermines a good deal of beer snobbery present in the […]

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