It’s Brew Day

Steeping the malt grains

Steeping the malt grains

Today I attempted to brew a mild, this time without the help of my friend Bob, brewer extraordinaire who taught me how to brew on my recent trip back to the States.  (He’s also the guy who originally turned me on to beer.)

I was using  his recipe because it turned out so well the first time, but I had a hell of a time finding the ingredients and had to substitute some of it.  I had to go to Surrey to get the crystal malt  (thanks to the very helpful Richard Burns at Cheers Brewing) and Grotusque sent me the magnum hops from the US.  (It seems the variety of hops available in the UK is very limited– or am I missing some amazing supplier? At this point hop distribution should have recovered from last year’s shortage.)

Once I got the wort going I was encouraged– it filled the whole flat with that comforting smell: the hominess of bakng bread with the halo of Bacchanalian promise. It’s in the fermenter now– hoping I get to see a bubbling airlock tomorrow.

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  1. This mild is gonna be righteous. I can’t wait to say a toast to your brew magick.

  2. Have a look at “Barley Bottoms” for supply’s. Grumpy allotment bloke John rates him highly and there is a link on his blog.
    Sounds like your solo outing went well, report on the outcome please.

    • Hi Bigun, I will check out Barley Bottoms if for the name alone! From now on in my mind John will no longer be randomly rambling but will be grumpy allotment bloke!

      This morning the airlock is bubbling– encouraging! Will post again on bottling day.

  3. Just wait until you try a hoppier beer—the whole place will smell like, uh, well pot. Which is also comforting, but in a college dorm room way.

    • I never lived in a dorm. Are they comforting?

      Lately I’ve been thinking that finding certain hops might be harder than finding pot here…

      • Depends entirely on the dorm room, but sometimes, yes.

        The usefulness of living near the Yakima valley where many hops are grown, and OSU where some hops are cultivated and new strains are developed, is something I am more and more grateful for.

  4. First two brews both Mild. I’m impressed.

    • Hi Ron! Someday I’ll suss out these recipes you’ve been posting and brew one. I wish I could have sent you a bottle of my first mild. I thought it turned out great! Would have loved to have heard what you thought of it. I hope this next one is at least 72% as good.

  5. Well done and welcome to the addiction!

    • Haha– thanks! I was totally knitting while waiting for the wort to cool and I thought of you!

  6. We can make a weston-super-mare one if you come down and stay!

    • That would be awesome! I wonder if Proper Job sells brewing equipment?

  7. In reference to trying to brew a hoppier beer: just add a stinky-ass sock! I guarantee that the taste differential will be miniscule.

    • I am familiar with your hop-loathing, Wortwurst. Don’t worry– it’s not going to be one of those crazy IBU freak outs! There’s hardly any hops at all in the beer I’m making now!

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