Your Party-by-Proxy Beer

Photo by Great Danes on Flickr

Photo by Great Danes on Flickr

I haven’t posted in a while, being consumed with the dreariness of working in a huge investment bank during the Money Apocalypse.

There have been some lovely beer moments that have gone un-blogged– meeting the passionate and chatty fellows at the bustling Twickenham Beer Festival.  And there was that revelatory tasting of Fuller’s London Porter on tap at the pub at One Knightrider Court (as my friend Steve has point out, this is one of the best addresses in London.  And happens to be right across from my work).  But most of all, there was the election of a new American President– and there were parties in the streets which I missed, being across the pond.  I’ve spent the last few weeks since the election wondering what beer would really match my elation?  I have continued searching.*  This search will progress for the duration of my elation.

Good times. oh yes.

So, I ask you, Dear Reader, what beer did you crack open when you heard the good news?  Surely you remember.

*I admit to immediately cracking open a BrewDog Tokyo because sometimes you need a beer that ups the ante, and does so with a degree of immediacy.  Sometimes quaffing’s just not on.

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  1. I started with a Weltenburger HefeWeizen Hell and was tuned in to DirecTV’s election channel, where I was able to watch the returns coverage from 8 (yes, eight) different channels, including John Stewart and Steven Colbert on Comedy Central. With everything that happened during the campaign, you’ve got to maintain some levity.

    While my wife was on her way to the Obama rally in Grant Park (courtesy of her very own personalized ticket) I was at home switching over to my clone of New Belgium’s 1554 Black Ale and sharing the moment via text message with the wife.

    Some on had to stay home with the kids….

  2. When Obama’s total passed the magic number 270, I was watching David Dimbleby on the TV while typing some tasting notes on Greene King’s new blended beer, Old Crafty Hen. Not the best beer I’ve tried all year, but I did manage to follow it up with a somewhat more appropriate one – a bottle of 2007 Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale.

  3. I didn’t crack anything when I heard the news, as it was around five o’ clock in the morning. However, on the following Sunday I performed the song “Martin Luther King’s Dream”, written by Dave Cousins, and the beer I was drinking then was Thwaites’ Bomber.

  4. Mike, I envy your wife! How exciting to be in Grant Park on that night.

    That Black Ale does sound clone-worthy– yum.

  5. Hi Tom– what’s the Celebration Ale like? I will have to keep a lookout here in London for it– there seem to be more and more Sierra Nevada beers appearing in pubs lately.

  6. Hi Rednev– I guess 5am is a bit early to start beering, it’s true. That’s about when I heard the good news as well!

  7. It was between 4 and 5 am that I opened the SNCA, but for me at the time this was late rather than early. It was dominated by complex hop flavours without being aggressively hoppy – lots of fresh, floral, nettly, grapefruity spiciness with a decent malt base to balance it. Very enjoyable, though probably better appreciated a little earlier in the evening (or later in the day, depending on how you look at it).
    There’s a slightly more detailed version of my notes here.
    [Allyson – feel free to delete the last para (and this one too, of course) if you don’t want to include the extra link to my site – I won’t be offended!]

  8. Damn – that link should have pointed here – sorry!

  9. Due to the late hour I didn’t start drinking, but the next day I enjoyed a pint with a couple of excited customers from the US. It was a great day!

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