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Your Party-by-Proxy Beer
November 23, 2008

Photo by Great Danes on Flickr

Photo by Great Danes on Flickr

I haven’t posted in a while, being consumed with the dreariness of working in a huge investment bank during the Money Apocalypse.

There have been some lovely beer moments that have gone un-blogged– meeting the passionate and chatty fellows at the bustling Twickenham Beer Festival.  And there was that revelatory tasting of Fuller’s London Porter on tap at the pub at One Knightrider Court (as my friend Steve has point out, this is one of the best addresses in London.  And happens to be right across from my work).  But most of all, there was the election of a new American President– and there were parties in the streets which I missed, being across the pond.  I’ve spent the last few weeks since the election wondering what beer would really match my elation?  I have continued searching.*  This search will progress for the duration of my elation.

Good times. oh yes.

So, I ask you, Dear Reader, what beer did you crack open when you heard the good news?  Surely you remember.

*I admit to immediately cracking open a BrewDog Tokyo because sometimes you need a beer that ups the ante, and does so with a degree of immediacy.  Sometimes quaffing’s just not on.